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December 14, 2010
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APH - Sweden Cosplay by Ecca1 APH - Sweden Cosplay by Ecca1
Photo taken by: :iconnezukuro:
Cosplay by: :iconecca1:

We had a Nordic photoshoot so I finally got some pics of my Sweden cosplay.

I had a really awesome time, thank you :iconthalionkalwen: :iconnezukuro: :iconewodewu: :iconnuuku: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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YouthArtist Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where is your cosplay from?? If it´s homemade or something then do you know where to get one done?
Ecca1 Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I made it myself but if you want to buy a cosplay I'd suggest ebay :3
YouthArtist Jan 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don´t think my dad would like the ebay stuff and he kinda has the last word here XD But thanks again and the suit is really nice ;)
You do a nice cosplay as Sweden, It look really cool =)
How come you chose to cosplay as Sweden? Just curious :)

I hope its not rude to ask but how did you find a pattern for that cosplay, I gonna cosplay Sweden myself but I look over internet a lot but can't find any pattern at all ^_^;;
Ecca1 Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Why thank you! :D
Well he's a handsome and a cool character :heart: and another thing is cause most of my cosplay friends don't speak Swedish so it's cool to have a Sweden cosplayer who also actually speaks the language ^w^

It's not rude at all! Actually this one I just cut it quite randomly but usually I use some old piece of clothing as base pattern and do some small changes of course :3 Good luck! It's not easy finding a pattern on the internet >.>;;; They are more easier to find in magazines for sewing clothes but even from there you still might have to tweak on the pattern a little bit your self. ^^;
Now that was a fast answer! Thank you :hug:
It's fun to hear that you like the him (he represent my country after all ;) ) At the very first sight I think he look boring but he actually a pretty cool (really cool) and well in some way represent Sweden in a fair way =)

Oh I have to ask, what do you think of Finland in Hetalia, personally? I don't think Finnish nowadays are like that, how would you describe your selves as a people?

How fun that you speak Swedish, then I don't necessary need to text you on English ;) Anyway, I guess I have to try do a pattern myself, it ain't gonna be easy, I've only done one cosplay before and I think this one could be pretty hard XD
Ecca1 Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oj! Varsågod :D Noh det är helt bra att öva sin engelska här på dA ^w^
Well Hetalia Finland pretty much gives the wrong idea of Finnish people, that's why many Finnish people prefer the Humon version but I still like the character since he's cute but I agree that the APH version of Finland doesn't really show the real personality of Finnish people, I'd say they are more like the Sweden character :'D U know, always angry looking people :'DD

Patterns are never easy ^^; Oh, what have you cosplayed before? ^w^
Do you know any good conventions in Sweden 2012? Me and some friends would be interested to go to a Swedish convention someday ^^
I wrote so much in English that in totally random times start thinking in English, pretty fun though :p

last weekend I meet two people from Finland (that now live in Norway but I meet them in Sweden *lol*) and ask them how they think Finnish are (in compare to Norway)
I started to tell them about Humon's version and they just "whaaaaaaat??" Ha haha *LoL* that was pretty fun to see their reaction XD

Then they felt like telling me their version and well they point out that if a Norwegian are going to a meeting its like "well coming some time around 10" and everyone come as they please (but its not as bad as in Denmark) and that Finnish are more strict, they come in time and if they decide to do something its "NOW" not "Later on"
I also saw some Finnish dog exhibitors and they were so (på ren svenska propert klädda).

AXH's finland are pretty cute and that could maybe be a version of Finland at that time.. maybe, I dunno

I did a pokémon cosplay,I'm a bit shy of having it uploaded on DA, at least right now ^^; but if you send me your mail I can send you a photo

I know an awesome convention, its uhm, was it the biggest in Scandinavia or... hm.. pretty big anyway and its SO MUCH FUN!!! I just love it! its many nice people and many activities, music, cosplay, video game, east Asia culture-thing and such.
I travel from north Sweden just to get there, its worth it and I'm sure you and your friends would love it!
oh its Upcon btw, heard of it before?
Here you got a link [link]
I would be happy if I could meet you and your friends, you seems to be nice people and its always fun with new friends =)

Now that was a long text, hope you don't mind ^^; Well at least it could always be worse, trust me thats not to hard :p
Ecca1 Dec 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Jepp, Finnish people come on time, either precisely or a bit earlier...

Oooohh!!! Which pokemon? I've made like somekind of Pikachu sleevles jacket but I really want to make a proper pokemon cosplay ^^

Yeah it's pretty much the only convetion what I heard of from Sweden :'D but isn't it really expensive?!?
It would be quite awesome to meet! But it really depends on how much everything is gonna cost >>;;; Like traveling there, the hotel...

I don't mind long texts :'D Mine is so short ^^;
I can't having to long text under your "Sweden cosplay" so I note you instead =)
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